American Nurses Association
Leadership Speeches for 2021 Membership Assembly
President, Dr. Ernest Grant
Chief Nursing Officer, Debbie Hatmaker
Chief Executive Officer, Loressa Cole

Association of American Medical Colleges
Speech: The Mountaintops
President and CEO Darrell G. Kirch, MD
Annual Meeting, 2018

Columns for Dr. Kirch, AAMCNews, 2018-2019
Advancing Women in Academic Medicine
Affordable Health Care Is the Right of Every American
Enduring Truths in an Age of Disruption
“That’s When I Knew I Wanted To Be a Doctor”

Speech: Leading the Dance of Change
AAMC Board Chair, Valerie Williams, PhD
Annual Meeting, 2013

Reuters Events/ Pharma, 2021
Medical Affairs & Social Media: A Brave New World