Strategic Communications

American Heart Association
Fact Sheet, Aortic Stenosis
Patient/Provider Discussion Guide
Managing Aortic Stenosis Symptoms

Dreueding Center/Project Rainbow
Writer and Editor -Annual Report

Association of American Medical Colleges,
Medical Students Help Torture Survivors Build a New Life
Teaching Doctors How to Improve Care, Lower Costs
Overcoming Unconscious Bias in Academic Medicine

Society for Human Resource Management
When Covid-19 Takes the Life of an Employee
Avoiding Gender Bias During Job Hires
Psychologists Help Employers Handle Burnout

American Psychological Association
Making Schools More Welcoming for LGBTQ Students
Launching a Career in Consulting Psychology

Holy Redeemer Health System
Magazine editor, Lifelinks
Ad: New Emergency Room

Pennsylvania Bar Association
Weathering Controversy – ACLU in PA

Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital
Surviving a Legacy of Incest
Brochure for Impaired Professionals program

Merck & Co.
Employee Newsletter