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Professional Development
◾️ Association of American Medical Colleges
Teaching Doctors How to Improve Care, Lower Costs
◾️Society for Human Resource Management
Jargon Creates a Wall Between Managers and Employees

Consumer Information
◾️ American Heart Association
Fact Sheet and Managing Symptoms – Aortic Stenosis
Patient/Provider Discussion Guide: Heart Failure
◾️UnitedHealth Group
Many Parents Don’t Recognize When Their Child Is Obese
Rethinking High Heels
Colic: Will My Baby Ever Stop Crying?

◾️American Nurses Association
2021 Membership Assembly
President, Dr. Ernest Grant
Chief Executive Officer, Loressa Cole
◾️ Association of American Medical Colleges
The Mountaintops, Pres./CEO Dr. Darrell Kirch
Annual Meeting, 2018
Leading the Dance of Change, Valerie Williams, Board Chair
Annual Meeting, 2013

◾️Society for Human Resource Management
Direct Reports: The Reference Checkpoint You May Be Missing
Consulting Psychologists Can Help Workers With Burnout
◾️ AAMC Reporter
Medical Students Help Torture Survivors Build a New Life
◾️Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital
The Institute Notebook

Corporate Communications
◾️Reuters Events
Transitioning to Digital Health
Med. Affairs & Social Media (ghostwritten)
When Covid-19 Takes the Life of an Employee
◾️Merck & Co.
Editor, employee newsletter

Web Content
◾️American Heart Association
From Changing Habits series
Get Ready, Get Set ...
Setbacks and Recovery: That’s OK

Trade Magazines
◾️Monitor on Psychology
Landing a Job in Consulting Psychology
◾️ Pennsylvania Bar Association
ACLU: Controversy as Usual

◾️ Association of American Medical Colleges
Columns for Dr. Kirch, AAMCNews, 2018-2019
Advancing Women in Academic Medicine
Affordable Health Care Is the Right of Every American
Enduring Truths in an Age of Disruption
“That’s When I Knew I Wanted To Be a Doctor”

Annual Report
◾️ Holy Redeemer Health System
Drueding Center/Project Rainbow shelter

Brochures and Booklets
◾️Barcharts Publishing
Wound Care Reference Guide
◾️Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital
Impaired Professionals program