As an independent writer and editor, I bring insight, smarts, wit, and tight, energetic copy to my work. I love a quirky topic or the challenge of creating a fresh take on traditional subjects. Best, I will meet your deadline.

I’ve been a managing editor for print and digital media but today, I thrive on the versatility of freelancing. My subjects have been health care, trends, culture, psychology, relationships, business, and travel.

I write health articles for The Washington Post, ghostwrite speeches for CEOs, report on industry trends, or produce advocacy pieces for associations. My clients have included a psychiatric hospital, art museum, music school, shelter for abused women, pharmaceutical company, and an NPR station.

Before settling in the Washington, DC, area, I lived and worked for 30 years in and around Philadelphia. Film and far-flung travel are fave pastimes. Once I entered a look-alike contest with my dog and won.